New Strategic Partnership with Flanagan Revolution Consulting

Caravel Solutions and MFG Analytic together are always looking to the future and developing new ways to help our clients grow. To achieve this we work with a vast network of consultants and industry leaders to bring together the best talent.

We are excited to announce that we recently added a new partner to our network, Flanagan Revolution Consulting, focused on driving rapid transformational change across global operations and supply chains. This partnership will allow us to bring expertise in supply chain management and health, safety, and environmental compliance.

With business and technology rapidly evolving, organizations recognize that they need to accelerate their transformation efforts to keep up with the current global climate. Flanagan Revolution Consulting has the capacity to equip our clients for success in these rapid global transformations.

Our business network represents a shift towards collaboration within the industry and aligns with how we work with clients. Strategic partnerships allow us to drive more impact to our clients and expand our capabilities that help Caravel and MFG Analytic teams deliver breakthrough client results at a faster pace.

Our strategic partnerships bring together deep skills in business, chemical engineering, data science, technology development and deployment, supply chain management and organizational change management to help support clients through successful transformations.

Preparing for the Post-Coronavirus world.

Organizations are ramping up tech adoption and relying on digital operations to maintain production and to manage the safety of a returning workforce.

We know that traditional process automation software can be a long, complex, and expensive deployment. At Caravel and MFG Analytic we know your problems; our team of industry experts can hit the ground running right now to help you assess your needs and develop a solution when and where you need it most.

We are ready to roll up our sleeves and work with your team on concept development, implementation, training and more.  |